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Grandma McKinley’s Famous Griddle Scones

Recipe saved from an elderly woman’s mind

Makes 36 to 40 scones

My wife’s mother is of Italian descent and she is a spry 93 years young. However, back in the day, she married a Scotsman named McKinley. And Mr. McKinley’s mother made these wonderful griddle scones for my wife while she was growing up. Grandma McKinley taught her daughter-in-law how to make these griddle scones and she taught my wife.
Trouble is that the recipe was not written down. If you asked how they were made, you would just get something like: dump some flour in a big bowl, add a pinch of this and a handful of that followed by just enough buttermilk. Then bake on a griddle until done.
Well, that will never do for a recipe in this day and age.
So, we had my wife’s mother make these griddle scones while we measured everything as she was putting it into the bowl. And thus, this recipe has been saved for posterity.
And that’s a very good thing, because these are such a treat that everyone should know how to make them. They are especially good fresh off the griddle with a slice of cheese added and  run under the broiler to melt the cheese. Or, toast them.
Hummmmmmm good either way.
These griddle scones are easy to make and the recipe makes lots of scones. We bake them on an aluminum griddle that spans two burners, but, an electric griddle would work, too.

Recipe follows.

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Flaky Blueberry Scones

Adapted from Cook’s Illustrated
Makes 8 scones

Being of Scottish ancestry, I love scones (pronounced skäns in Scotland).  However, many of them I have made over the years have been disappointing.  Some have been too dry.  Some just lumps.  Then I stumbled onto this recipe.


Flaky and tender.  These scones just melt in your mouth.  The blueberry taste comes right through and it is hard to stop at eating just one of these scones.  Simply put, this is the best scone I have ever eaten.

Recipe follows.

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