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Paella in a Wok

Adapted from Taste by David Rosengarten

Serves 6 as a main course

Paella (IPA: [pa’eʎa]) is a Spanish dish usually cooked outside over a hot fire in a large shallow paella pan. For years I avoided this dish because of the special equipment needed.
Then about 10 years ago I ran into this recipe in David Rosengarten’s book Taste. I tried it and my family and I were hooked.
What makes this recipe so special that you make it on the stove top in a large wok. I have made a few changes to the original recipe. For example, I left out the snails. If you like snails, add in about 12 large snails with the shrimp.
Also, I have added mussels to the mix. Find the recipe for Mussels in Beer here. I fix the mussels in a separate Dutch oven and add a few to the dish at the end and server the remainder on the side.
This dish takes some work but it is well worth it. The presentation is wonderful and the taste is out of this world.

Recipe follows.

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Crock Pot Chicken and Vegetables Braised in Beer

Based on an Internet recipe
Serves 4 to 6.

I was bouncing around the Internet one night looking for something new and easy to do with chicken. I found this recipe and thought, “beer, chicken and chili sauce, how bad can it be?”
Well, let me tell you it is not bad at all. In fact it is a great chicken recipe.
And, simple, too. Brown the chicken, sauté the vegetables and then dump everything into the crock pot and cook on low.
This dish has flavor to spare and is absolutely delicious.

Recipe follows.

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Sourdough Pizza Crusts for Barbequed Chicken Pizza

Adpated from an Internet recipe.

Makes two pizza crusts

Recently I posted an English Muffin recipe here that uses up excess sourdough starter (the sourdough starter recipe is here). Well, here is another recipe that does the same thing only this time you end up with pizza crusts. They are easy to make and they freeze wonderfully; you just have to pre-bake them first.
Assuming you have excess sourdough starter, one of the nice things about this recipe is that you can have pizza in about 45 minutes from the time you start.
You can make just about any kind of pizza using theses crusts, but we really like barbecued chicken pizzas.
To speed things up, we just buy a rotisserie chicken and cut it into chunks. Then once the pizza crust is pre-baked, rub some olive oil on the hot crust, spread your favorite barbecue sauce on the crust, toss the chicken with some additional barbecue sauce, add some chopped onions and/or green pepper, and top with mozzarella cheese. Then bake for an additional 15 minutes or until the cheese melts and browns a little on the top.

Recipe follows.

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Lemon-Garlic Roasted Chicken — Simple and Delicious

Adapted from a recipe by Ina Garten
Serves three to four

Roasting a chicken in the oven is one of those things every cook should have in their arsenal.  It’s not a hard dish to do, but you can mess it up by over cooking the bird.
This recipe is easy.  And it is packed with flavor.  The chicken is salted before you start to add flavor from the beginning.  Garlic and lemon is stuffed into the cavity of the bird and the legs tied together.
The bird is then placed in a smallish roasting pan on a bed of roughly cut up vegetables (too big a pan and the vegetables will burn).  Then the whole thing is put in a 425 degree F oven and roasted for 1-1/2 hours for a four to five pound chicken.
The chicken then rests for 15 minutes and the roasting pan put back in the oven for the same amount of time to brown up the vegetables.
Just delicious.

Recipe follows.

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Chicken Breasts with Orange Sauce

Serves 4 to 6

We all have those old family recipes that are in a box on a 3×5 card that someone gave you years ago.

This is just such a recipe.
This is an old favorite of our family and it is delicious.
It is not hard to make and it if very filling.
Some night when you want something really good to eat, cook some rice and make this.
You will not be sorry.

Recipe follows.

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Quick and Tasty Pot Pie with Biscuits

Serves 6 to 10

Recently, I posted a recipe for Turkey Pot Pie.  It requires a lot of cutting and sauteing of vegetables and a roasted turkey.

A faster way to make a pot pie is to barbecue some boneless, skinless chicken breasts first (or use a rotisserie chicken from the store), make the gravy, chop up the chicken, add a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, top with biscuits and bake. Quick, simple and delicious.

Is this as good as making it from scratch?  Well, in my opinion, no.  But, this way is way faster and very close.

To keep the speed factor up, use biscuits (recipe here) instead of pie dough.  The trick here is to heat up the pot pie mixture on the stove until it is boiling.  Then put the biscuits on top and pop it in the oven to bake the biscuits.

Recipe follows.

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Kraft Robosto Italian Dressing


This stuff is amazing.  I use it all the time.  I basically use it for grilling two things: boneless chicken breasts and vegetables.

About an hour or two before dinner, throw the chicken brasts in a plastic bag and put the bag and chicken in the refridgerator for until you are ready to cook them.  Cook on a hot grill as usual.  Fantastic flavor.

Another trick is to put bone-less chicken breasts in a freezer bag, squirt some Robosto into the bag and freeze the whole thing.  When you thaw out the chicken breasts, they will already be marinated.

Lastly, skewer some cut up vegetables on some soaked bamboo skewers and brush Robosto all over the vegetables.  Let the kabobos rest for about 15 minutes.  Then grill over a hot fire as usual.


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