How to use this or any other blog.

If you are new to blogs, you may not quite understand how all this works.  But, it is really very simple.

Information of any type is contained in chronological posts (below) and pages (in tabs above).  In this blog’s posts, I have placed Recipes, Cooking Information, Kitchen Tools and Tips so far.  For pages, just read the tabs above.

Below, you can scroll through all the posts.  When you get to the end, there is a link at the bottom that reads “Next Page >>”.  Just click on that and you can continue scrolling through older posts.

All the posts are given a “Category.” The categories are listed in a Category Cloud in the column on the right.  For example, by clicking on “Just Recipes” at right you will call up all the recipes on this blog.  Or clicking on “Kitchen Tools” takes you to a list of all the Kitchen Tool posts I have made.

Of course, there is a search box in the upper right hand corner of the page and you can search this blog for anything to see if it is contained here.

Also, most of the recipe posts contain a page break that reads:

“Continue Reading ‘name of current recipe’ >>”.

This link takes you to the full post which contains the actual recipe.

I hope that helps.


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