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Special K Cereal Treat

From a good friend’s kitchen.
Makes lots of bars which do not last long.

This is a great treat for kids and adults, too.  It is easy to make and tastes great.  My wife, Mary Ann, makes this a lot in the fall.  Usually for tailgating.  College kids really love this.  See note at end to save on clean up.

Makes one 9×13 pan of treats.  Cut them large or small; your choice.

Recipe follows.

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California Bean Dip

From an Internet search years ago.
Serves 10 to 12

This eye-pleasing combination of white corn, black beans and Mexican-style seasonings is irresistible! Serve it with corn chips or Scoops.

Recipe follows.

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Naan Grilled Indian Flat Bread

Adapted from The Barbecue Bible (page 109) by Steven Raichler.

This is outstanding bread. Hot off the grill and slathered with butter, man it does not get better than this. Makes about 16 flatbeads.

Recipe follows.

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